Inner Blast originated in Lisbon in 2006, formed by guitarist Aquiles Dias and keyboardist Mónica Rodrigues. Shortly after the beginning of the work, drummer Nuno Sabu, who had already played with Monica in a previous project, is invited to be part of the band, and his entry is decisive for defining the sound of Inner Blast, being an active part in the composition of the themes. In 2007, the band had been rehearsing without bass for some time, and after several auditions for the place, Luís Pote, whose entry contributed greatly to the stability of the band’s formation. However, a year of intense work went on, and the band was still struggling with the lack of a voice that suited their project. It was not until the end of 2008 that the search ended, with the entry of Liliana Silva, which has started to take its first steps as a singer. As a front woman, Liliana slowly revolutionized Inner Blast’s sound, either through the created melodies or through the exploration and use of different vocal registers, alternating between guttural and lyrical. 2011 was the year of the Inner Blast debut on stage, with a performance at Side B on April 9th, and later a number of other concerts, but also the year of the first studio experience, with the participation in Luís Silva’s “Audio Production” final course work, which was to be released in the fall of 2011 as an EP and titled “Sleepless monster”, making this author’s edition the band’s first official record. The following years were of consolidation of the project and the beginning of the conquest of their space in the national underground, but also of evolution and maturity as a band. In January 2015, with Paulo Basílio as producer, Inner Blast start recording at TDA Studios their first album, “Prophecy”. The production work lasts until the fall, and is already in early 2016, after signing with Nordavind Records the publishing and distribution contract, which is released the band’s first full-lengh.

Unfortunately, at the end of that year following the recording of the “Feel the Storm” theme video, Inner Blast suffered their first casualty with the departure of bassist Luis Pote for personal reasons. The vacancy would be occupied in January 2017 by Fernando Narciso, an old acquaintance of the band, and although he still recorded the video clip of the theme “Darkest hour”, one of the singles of the album “Prophecy”, would leave shortly thereafter, in December of the same year. This time, the bassist position was filled in March 2018 by Luis Silva, another old acquaintance of the band, who had already produced the EP “Sleepless Monster.” However, a few months later, and without anything foreseeing it, in June 2018 is the turn of keyboardist Mónica Rodrigues to leave the band, but unlike the previous times, and after much thought, Inner Blast decide to abdicate the keys and advance as a quartet. Already with the new format the band decides to return to the studio for the recording of their second album of originals, “Figment of the Imagination” and for the purpose, similar to what had already happened on the first album, the production was in charge from Paulo Basilio. Recording began in November 2018 at BuzzRoom studio, and production was completed in June 2019, with the album being released on November 22, following the signing of the publishing and distribution agreement with Ethereal Sound Works. However, although fortunately the concerts have never ceased, Inner Blast who have hitherto had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some international bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, Frozen Crown, Cloven Hoof, Dynazty, Imperial Age, Childrain, Tyr and Moonspell, signed in July 2019 with Oeste Ritmos – Notredame Productions Group, the agency agreement, an important step towards the growth of the band.

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